November 15, 2014

Choosing the Right Taylormade Golf Ladies’ Clubs

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How do lady golfers choose their golf clubs like the ones manufactured by Taylormade golf? Although today’s women enjoy the privileges that men have and share equal rights, the difference in terms of physique is still huge. Before, men were the only ones who can play in golf tournaments. Now, more and more women participate in tournaments of golf and the more reason why their golf clubs need to conform to their stature.

A golfer’s essentials are driver, putter, irons, woods, and hybrids and the allowed maximum number of clubs to carry is 14. The golf clubs that women use, often referred to as ladies’ clubs, are shorter in length and lighter as compared to the golf clubs that men usually use. If you are a lady who takes the game seriously, then you need to be meticulous in choosing the right golf set to use. Having the golf clubs that provide ease and comfort can make a tremendous difference in the way you play your game.

Getting the right measurement is the key in determining the right golf clubs sizes for you to own, and that will eventually lead you to your victory. The tape measure is your initial ally in achieving this feat.

Know How Tall your Are

It is important to know your exact height prior to buying in order to get the right length of golf clubs such as the ones by Taylormade golf. You may not know this yet but a woman’s height changes as she ages. There are women who begin to gradually shrink at an age earlier than expected and there are some who still grows. You might be surprised to find out that the height that you have always believed you have suddenly changed.

The ladies’ golf clubs are usually made to fit women whose heights are between 5 foot 2 and 5 foot 9.

Get the Height of your Wrist to the Floor
Taylormade golfWhen you are in a golf stance, get the height of your wrist from the ground. Your height determines the length of your best-fit golf shaft, while the height measurement of your wrist to the ground fine tunes the club length that is best for you. There are several women who end up playing with long clubs because they forgot to fine their clubs. Always make sure to measure the things that you need to measure first before deciding to buy the golf club.

Measure your Swing Speed

You can ask some help from the golf equipment shop or pro shop in making proper evaluation of your swing rate. A lady golfer with a slower swing pace needs to replace her golf club with something that has hybrid construction (usually lighter) like the ones with graphite. The lightness that graphite provides can give you a more forceful and swifter swing.

Try Replacing your Irons with Woods

If you are having some difficulties in finding the right height of iron to use, you can try replacing your irons with woods. Several women find a 7 or 9-wood to be easier and more comfortable to use than their usual 3 or 4-iron, and both clubs can provide the same function with the former being the better choice. You can check out the woods and irons that Taylormade golf offers.

Choose your Putter

A standard ladies’ putter measures 33 inches long which is best for 5 foot 5 women. If you happen to be taller or shorter than 5 foot 5, then you need to test other lengths of putters until you find the one that you feel most at ease.

Choose the Right Wedges

You will surely need a sand wedge and a lob wedge especially if you are caught in a sand trap. You may also need a gap wedge.

Employ a Custom Fitter

In some cases, you might need some help from a custom fitter. A custom fitter creates clubs with your physique and other measurements in mind. However, it is an investment that needs a considerable amount of money and it is recommended to get such services when you have gained enough playing experience and you have maintained a consistent game.

Taylormade golf and other golf clubs aim to give you the perfect solution for your needs and all you need to do is spend an ample time searching for the right fit.

Safety Product

November 13, 2014

Tips for Gun Safes: Mechanical and Electronic Locks

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Unfortunately, some gun safes can’t really be considered “safe”, especially when you have children freely wandering in every corner of your house. A few unknowing sporting goods shops are not entirely certain whether they’re providing the right level of safety or not for the safes they offer, as some of these items can be opened even by three-year-olds. Of course, no one wants anything like this to happen, which is why it’s important to stress the security of the gun safe you’re buying a lot.


Electronic Locks

Apparently, you’d be choosing between two primary kinds of locks for gun safes. These include the electronic and mechanical locks. Mechanical locks are your conventional security features for standard gun safes where access can be granted by turning a dial left and right to input three or more numbers. Electronic locks, on the other hand, provide easier access with the help of technology, where the most advanced types require retinal scans or facial recognition before gun owners can reach for their best-kept firearms.


Before anything else, believe it or not, some gun safes are otherwise impossible to open, and this could cause serious problems, especially when time calls for reaching for your gun because a burglar is proving to be quite bothersome. Electronic and mechanical locks can both be problematic, so you need to check them regardless of your preference for the lock of your safe.


Security is top priority, and both mechanical and electronic, as long as of high quality, can offer secure storage for your firearms. Since you’d be prioritizing security above everything else, keep in mind to not hold back on the amount of money you’d be spending on your locking system, as well as on your safe. If you’d be considering a low-cost lock, chances are you’re at a higher risk of getting your safe opened in no time. An amateur would be the least of your worries if you opt for a high-caliber lock, be it mechanical or electronic.


If you are to acquire a mechanical lock, it will be necessary to opt for one that allows easy access for you and not for ill-behaved robbers. Turning the dial to numbers more than 50 may cause delays in gaining access to your guns. If you are to turn the dial, it’s advisable to have the first number within 30-40, the second within 25-35, and the third around 25. This significantly cuts access time to your firearms.


On the other hand, if you opted for an electronic lock and entry is gained digitally, keep in mind to avoid making it a double-edged sword. There have been cases where gun owners took too much time remembering their code to the point where they had to drill into their gun safes just to get their gun. There are also digital locks that penalize anyone who repeatedly inputs the wrong number after a certain number of attempts for 5 or more minutes of no access. This can prove to be disastrous when burglary happens to occur in your household.


Additionally, electronic locks require gun owners to change batteries every year, although while manufacturers claim this is necessary, some batteries can last for up to 5 years. Low voltage, however, could become a problem, specifically in electronics, and may even result in lock failure. Cutting costs is practical in most things, but you should definitely not do it by using cheap 9-volt batteries.


Another thing to bear in mind is the coverage of the manufacturer’s warranty. Specifically, you should check stuff that are not covered. In most cases, free repair or replacement is applicable only to the lock and not to the safe’s door.